Why should you buy backlinks?

  • for your new websites, it will add the domain authority and the rich keywords will not disappear when they appear in the search engine rank position (SERP).
  • Can reproduce the generated rich keywords (keyword diversification)
  • Buy backlinks can increase ranks according to the target keywords in SERP

Buy Quality Backlinks

One of the reference recommendations for buying backlinks there are:

– Find a good Domain Rating (DR) by ahrefs

– Find a good Domain Authority (DA) by MOZ

In addition, there are many other tools, such as:

– Majestic

– Ubersuggest


A good type of backlinks are dofollow links. Some strategies are good which your needs, according to my experience:

– Homepage Link

This strategy is good for new websites that want to add domain authority.

– Existing Link | Niche Edits

Good to use to increase the rank according to the target keyword. Why? Because the position of the permalink for the URL is already indexed by google

– Guest Post

This strategy is excellent for keyword branding or old websites. Because the position of the old domain already has authority

– Sidebar Links

This strategy is suitable for those who are struggling to move up the ranks. Because the link is in the form of anchor text and URL only, it will boost the rank

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