How to make a website loading fast? It is not as difficult as you might think. There are two ways to make a website load fast. They are the HTML or the PHP ways.

It is not easy to create a website, especially if you don’t know about it. So we need to be smart when developing it. Luckily there are many tools and software available. And one of these is the WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to develop your website with a few mouse clicks.

How to make a website loading fast

To start with the essential question, how to make a website load fast? We can use a cache, for example, Google’s cache. This will store all the information that is needed for your pages. With this information, Google can compress your page and make it faster.

Minimize the number of scripts

Another good thing to do is to minimize the number of scripts. As we know scripts to make your site look more professional. You need to avoid using too many scripts. And ensure you compress your codes.

What does canonical mean?

Now if you want to know how to make it fast, you will need to understand what canonical means? Canonical means the first page is always the top. So if you are following this rule you will not have any problem indexing your page.


what is the url? Another option is to use curl. This tool is used to request information from the web server. It makes your life easier because you don’t need to wait until the page is downloaded. Just run your curl command at the beginning of your script.

And finally, ensure your website is built using the right languages. Check your website to see what languages are used. You will need to use different languages for different pages. Keep in mind that the language should match what is displayed in your web browser.

Free online tutorials

Those are some tips for you. If you want to learn more about how to make a website loading fast? Try the internet. There are lots of free tutorials available.

Hiring a web host

10 factors to consider on how to choose a web host

If you do not have much experience with web hosting services, it may be too overwhelming for you. In that case, you can hire a web host. However, ensure the web host you get can give you a trial period. This way, you can check out their services before paying. It will be easier for you to use the service if you find out that you like it.

Control panel

It would be easier for you if your web host offers a control panel. Some hosts allow you to customize your web server. You can change things like the homepage and footer. You can also create mailboxes.

Custom setup

While this may seem like a waste of time, you can benefit from having a custom setup. This will make your website run faster and in better condition. Plus you can customize it.

Website’s content

Always keep in mind that your website’s content determines how fast it loads. Images and text need to load first so that they can display them on the page. In general, webmasters find it harder to obtain a high load rate. This is because images take time to load, and text is hard to read if the reader is trying to glance at the web pages.


In terms of image sizes, there is no limit. If you need larger images, you need to upload them as a larger file. Do not forget to avoid downloading scripts or plug-ins to your website. This is because these scripts or plug-ins could slow down your website. It will be better if you do not load your website with ads, cookies, or other types of advertisements.


Finally, your web page must contain keywords. Search engines need to recognize the words in your web content and use them in the algorithms that search engine programs use to rank websites. If you do not place relevant keywords in your content, your website will not appear on search engine results. With enough time and effort, you can learn how to optimize your site for better rankings.